Student Attendance

Arrival/Log-on Policy

All students will be expected to log-in to our school-based morning meeting/SEL opening each day at 8:45am.  Immediately after, both students and staff will have ten (10) minutes to transition to their first virtual learning session of the day.

Student participation and engagement will be closely monitored, and attendance issues and/or concerns will be immediately addressed.

Attendance Policy

Students are responsible for attending school every day on time and for attending every virtual class session on time. Parents are responsible for making sure their children attend school every day, maintaining regular contact with school, and sending a note to school with the reason for any absence or lateness.

Students not logged into their virtual classrooms prepared to work at 8:45am are listed as tardy. Any student that logs on after 8:50 am or who fails to engage in the school-wide morning meeting/SEL moment will be marked late by the homeroom teacher in Infinite Campus.

Students who log out and/or fails to attend their virtual learning sessions prior to 10:00 am or logs in after 1:00pm, will be marked absent for the day.

The following are permitted reasons for absence:

  • Illness of the student (Physicians’ certificate required for ongoing absence due to illness.)
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Court summons (for the student)
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • State emergency
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Suspension
  • Lack of authorized transportation
  • Approved work or activity sponsored by the school

Students who experience chronic and irregular illnesses may be eligible for City Schools C.H.I.P (Chronic Health Impaired Program), which will provide supplementary and remedial instruction to students with chronic illnesses such as asthma, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, sickle-cell anemia, hemophilia, etc. These students tend to be ill on frequent yet intermittent basis: therefore, they do not qualify for Home Teaching.  Please contact the school to determine eligibility.

Recording Attendance during virtual teaching and learning will be recorded by the teacher into Infinite Campus daily based on the students logging into the Zoom virtual platform to participate in synchronous learning sessions.

Students who do not log into synchronous learning and/or submit evidence of participating in asynchronous learning for a day and/or class period will be marked Absent Unknown and every effort will be made to find, support and re-engage those students.

Attendance for asynchronous learning will be as follows: 

  • Students may be counted present if they participate in asynchronous on the same day that they missed synchronous learning due to extenuating circumstances​. This includes work, child care, or other significant scheduling conflicts on the part of​ the student or parents/guardians.  ​
  • Students must provide evidence of participation in asynchronous learning for that day/course,​ which must be submitted on the day during which the student missed synchronous learning, in order for the student to be marked present for that day/course.


1 2 1-2 -Phone call home by the homeroom teacher

-Letter to parent from the homeroom teacher.

-Robo call automatically issued from the District Office (Absences only)

2 3.5 3.5 -Teacher should submit the name of any students who have missed 5 days to the attendance monitor/team.

-Robo call automatically issued from the District Office (Absences only)

-Letter/email to the parent from the homeroom teacher via U.S. Mail (Lateness only)

3 6-7 6-9 -Robo call automatically issued from the District Office (Absences only)

-Certified letter to the parent requiring an administrative/parent conference from the Attendance Monitor

-Home Visit by Attendance Monitor/School Official

-Informal Hearings that include an Attendance Assessment and Incentive Contract

-Referral to the Student Support Team (SST)

4 8-10 10+ Referral to Attendance and Truancy Office  (Only initiated if the problem has not been resolved during the SST process)


Student Conduct (Expectations)

The school district generally distributes a Code of Conduct Handbook to all parents and students the first week of school. This handbook outlines specific behaviors and consequences the school will issue if students do not adhere to the expectations. All students are expected to know and follow the City Schools’ Code of Conduct especially as it relates to virtual teaching and learning. Parents and students will acknowledge receipt and understanding of the Code of Conduct through electronic submission of signed form.

Students are expected to strive to do their best work possible and promote an environment where all students can learn to their fullest potential. The Code of Conduct applies to all students at all times while on city school property, during school hours, before and after school, while traveling on vehicles funded or owned by BCPS, at any school-sponsored event, including field trips and in the virtual climate and setting.

When students are disruptive or act inappropriately, school staff and administrators respond to this behavior logically, appropriately, and consistently. School staff and administrators will follow the levels of interventions and responses outlined in the Code of Conduct when handling disruptive or inappropriate behavior. To encourage students to follow the rules, teachers develop incentives to help students work together to adhere to classroom expectations.